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3D COMPUTER GRAPHICS - a sample range of 3D illustrations

This portfolio represents a range of concepts and work types, from product, to architectural to character, conceptual and more. All images in this portfolio were custom created from beginning to end using:


Product mockups

Understanding 3D CG

A simplified visual tutorial showing how the process works

Sachet concept mock-up

A concept display of sachets both sealed and open with different contents for a leading brand in South Africa

Product display

We are often called on to produce quick 3D visualizations of products that aren't developed yet, to show how they would look in their packaging.

3D Smart phone

3D smart phone modelled, textured and rendered and used in multiple applications

Tyre concept

Created for a client product review for a catalogue

3D Shock absorbers

Pristine product model on a dirty workroom floor - catalogue shot

Grader Buckets

A product shot of two different grader buckets for a product catalogue

Exhibition stand

3D model to show client different variants, angles etc


A single 3D model which has been used countless times for different applications for web banners and images to product packaging to labels, product brochures and more

Lipstick product shot

An arty product shot of 3D modelled lipsticks, showing the vivid colour range and the versatility of using 3D modelling and rendering

Rugged smart phone

Modelled, textured and rendered for product displays, instruction books and product packaging

Product shot

A water chlorination device modelled and rendered as if in use with environmental effects

Industrial water chlorinator

Product mocked-up in an environment for customer visualization

Mixed 3D visualizations

Understanding 3D CG

A simplified visual tutorial showing how the process works

2012 Judge Dredd Bike

Design of the Lawmaster motorbike for the 2012 Lionsgate remake of the Judge Dredd movie

Image manipulations

Different images using a 3d base smart phone and compositing in various "external" images for effect

Brochure cover image

Built entirely in 3D and then composited into a cover layout for a earth-moving company product brochure

Old rowing boat

A labour of love, personally modelled and rendered for the sheer joy of it

Flying low and fast

3D aircraft, modelled, textured, rendered and composited into an existing photo - good for showing products in their "environment"

3D Character

Created for as a company mascot

Aircraft interior

3D aircraft interior to show off new colour and interior palette

3D Jar of cream and rose petals

Created quickly and easily for this invitation application and has since been re-tasked to other product images

Close up 3D gold ball

Created for a golf day invite, this scene was shot from multiple angles with different effects. The whole "shoot"including modelling, texturing and renders took roughly half a day

Rugby game invite

All 3D modelled. No need to book the stadium and a day with perfect weather to shoot with a camera

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