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Over a diverse design career spanning decades, Mark has left an indelible stamp on multiple media.

Combining deep technical drafting and illustration skills with an analytical mindset and an understanding of business process, Mark excels in everything from software user interface design, graphic design, 3D computer graphics, animation, and much more.

Mark’s passion and can-do attitude are infectious, and his unwavering commitment to end-to-end solutions drives consistent service delivery in incredible turnaround times. 

Creative, multi-faceted and insightful, versatile and dynamic, Mark will rapidly become the glue holding your team together and a precious asset on even the most challenging project. - Matthew Ryder, colleague 2019

OUTWORLD takes pride in offering the best design service possible. We work equally well with clients who like to be hands on and collaborative in the process and clients who have faith in our ability to understand their needs and to translate that into a successful outcome.

Established in 1996, OUTWORLD has successfully maintained client relationships for over 23 years, demonstrating an ability to evolve and grow with our clients over time.

The aim of business is to make money, provide great and lasting service and or products and to grow and succeed for as long as possible. When a client needs to create a lasting and positive impression in the eyes of their customers, through advertising, or have a range of products stand out in a hugely competitive retail space and attract the right kind of attention from their potential customer base, or to create striking visuals of products for use in marketing and education before the first production tool is even made, they come to us because we are passionate about helping our clients have successful and lasting businesses.

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Outworld and Freethinking business consultants have been working together since 2016. We contract directly to them and they place us with prestigious clients under their banner. The work has been of a very high standard and the relationship between both companies outstanding. Outworld is proud to be associated with this dynamic company.

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